‘Second Act’ Cast News: ‘Old School’ Star Leah Remini Joins Jennifer Lopez

Reuters/Danny MoloshokLeah Remini receives an Emmy award for “Scientology and its Aftermath.”

Following recent reports that Jennifer Lopez will join the cast of STXfilms’ “Second Act,” it has been confirmed this week that the studio has signed Leah Remini as another new cast member. Remini previously won an Emmy award for her series “Scientology and the Aftermath.”

Directed by Peter Segal, the upcoming romantic comedy¬†film “Second Act” was first conceived by Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Justin Zackham, until it was eventually developed by STXfilms with the participation of Lopez.

Best known for her series “The King of Queens,” the new cast member¬†Remini, is currently one of the stars of the CBS sitcom “Kevin Can Wait.” Her other series, “Scientology and the Aftermath,” currently airs on AE and is already in its sophomore season. She also portrayed the wife of Vince Vaughn’s character in the series “Old School,” which aired in 2003. Aside from being an actress, Remini is also a renowned New York Times author and executive producer, with a good number of big titles under her belt.

In “Second Act,”Remini will play the role of Lopez’s character’s best friend and colleague, Joan, while Lopez will portray a Big Box store employee who resolves to change her life for the better. As soon as Lopez gets the chance to reinvent her lifestyle, she tries to prove her worth to the Madison Avenue and show that a street-smart like her can be as valuable as a college degree holder.

Both Remini and Lopez’s characters are employees based in Queens, and according to reports, the tone of the upcoming film is comparable to that of Lopez’s 2002 film “Maid in Manhattan.”

Written by “Lights Out” and “The Bucket List” writers Justin Zackham and Goldsmith-Thomas, “Second Act” was first announced by the STXfilms in July and will be produced by Goldsmith-Thomas, Lopez, Zackham, and Benny Medina.

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