‘Salvation’ Episode 2 Spoilers: Liam Uncovers Shocking Truth in ‘Another Trip Around the Sun’

Facebook/SalvationCBSA screenshot from CBS’ new drama series “Salvation.”

The fight to save the earth from impending annihilation continues on the next episode of CBS’ new drama series “Salvation.”

According to the official synopsis for the upcoming episode titled “Another Trip Around the Sun,” Darius (Santiago Cabrera) and Liam (Charlie Rowe) will try to come up with a way change the course of the asteroid that’s about to collide with Earth. The duo will eventually decide to work on a theoretically impossible technological invention.

The synopsis does not go as far as to specify just what kind of technology this will turn out to be. The most important question, however, is will they be able to pull it off? Darius has the money, and Liam has the brain, but the global catastrophe that’s about to happen may also have a few unexpected tricks of its own.

In the midst of all this, Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) will also decide to risk everything in order to help Darius. How will her involvement in Darius and Liam’s efforts affect her own personal and professional life in the long run?

Furthermore, Liam will also be heading home to Boston with the intention of tracking down some critical research that can help them in their quest to save the world. What he does find, however, is something that can potentially change the way he views everything and everyone at this point.

What shocking revelation is Liam about to find in Boston, and how will this alter the way he approaches things as the series progresses?

“Salvation” is an event series created by Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro based on a story by Matt Wheeler. It is being executive produced by the minds behind the popular police procedural series “Hawaii Five-0”: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, and Peter Lenkov.

The series will chronicle the months leading up to a global, catastrophic event that involves an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. But while the characters will do everything they can to divert the deadly encounter, they will also uncover a major conspiracy that may prove to be more of a threat than the asteroid itself.

‘Salvation’ season 1 episode 2 airs on Wednesday, July 19, at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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