Prince Harry Gives Up One Bad Habit That Annoys Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle haven’t married yet but he’s already learning how to compromise. Reports say that the prince has given up on one bad habit that annoys Markle, which is only fair since she is giving up an acting career to build a life with Prince Harry in London.

REUTERS/Toby MelvillePrince Harry and Meghan Markle will have a spring 2018 wedding.

The prince reportedly gave up smoking since getting engaged to Markle. The prince has to compromise since the actress dislikes the habit and prefers a healthier lifestyle that includes green juices and yoga.

“Harry has promised no smoking at all at home,” a friend of the couple revealed. “It’s not nice for Meghan as a non-smoker. So there’s no more hanging out of the window for a quick puff. Harry has quit for Meghan.”

Prince Harry started smoking as a teenager. He picked up the habit while attending Eton. Smoking at the Kensington Palace is actually not allowed but private apartments, where Prince Harry resides, aren’t covered in the smoking ban.

It’s not just Prince Harry who’s into cigarettes among the royals. His stepmother, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, smoked heavily before she too quit the habit that Prince Charles did not like as well.

Prince Harry’s great-grandfather, King George VI, was also a known smoker. It contributed to the deterioration of his health since he died from lung cancer. Prince Harry’s grand aunt, Princess Margaret, also enjoyed cigarettes while she was still alive.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Markle are in the middle of planning their spring 2018 wedding. Royal experts say that theirs is a whirlwind engagement by royal standards since the couple began dating less than 18 months ago.

Prince Harry allegedly wanted to get married as soon as possible so that his grandfather, Prince Philip, can still enjoy his wedding. The Duke of Edinburgh recently confirmed his retirement from public service since he’s 96-years-old.

“Harry thought it was it was a great thing to [have] the wedding sooner rather than later so his grandfather could be there, fit and healthy,” the royal expert said.


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