‘Kung Fury’ Sequel News: Feature-Length Follow-Up to Star Michael Fassbender

Reuters/FileMichael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender will star in the feature-length sequel to David Sandberg’s hit martial arts action comedy short film “Kung Fury.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, details about the Oscar-nominated actor’s role in the movie are still being kept under wraps at the moment. Fassbender joins Sandberg, who plays the title role, and original “Kung Fury” star David Hasselhoff, who lent his voice for the theme song, in the cast.

Paying homage to 1980s martial arts and police action films, the 2015 original started as a Kickstarter campaign with the original target goal of $200,000. It accumulated $630,019, which, while it was way beyond the goal, unfortunately, was not enough for a feature film treatment. This led to the idea of a short film instead.

Amassing more than 40 million views worldwide, “Kung Fury” was a massive success and immediately earned a cult following. It was also screened at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

Set in Miami in 1985, “Kung Fury” followed the adventures of the titular detective considered the greatest cop in the history of the world as he protects and rids the city of crime with the help of his Thundercops police force.

After the death of a Thundercop, a villain reveals himself to assist the villain Kung Fuhrer (Adolf Hitler) in his mission to attain the ultimate weapon. It will be up to Kung Fury to defeat Kung Fuhrer, save his friends and defend the prestigious Miami Kung Fu Academy in the process.

The “Kung Fury” sequel will be produced by David Katzenberg, Seth Grahame-Smith, and Aaron Schmidt for KatzSmith Productions, in addition to Philip Westgren and Conor McCaughan. There is no information on who will direct.

While not much is known about it yet, fans count on seeing more of what they loved in the original “Kung Fury” including rebellious arcade machines, battle sequences that defy physics accompanied by sweet 80s technopop music.

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