Former Brothel Currently on the Market Could Be Used as a Church

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A former brothel in England is up for sale with planning permission to use it for a school or place of worship. But the premises could not find a buyer despite being on the market for nine months. The asking price for the building in Summer Hill Road, Hockley, Birmingham is £225,000 ($288,225).

Reuters/Brian BlancoA strip dancer mingles with a customer at the Mons Venus strip club in Tampa, Florid.

The building is formerly occupied by the Libra Club, a brothel that was said to have been visited by 1,000 men a week. Some of its unique selling points include an interior with subtle red lighting, reception room, cell rooms with red leather beds and shower facilities. It also has VIP rooms “fully fitted” with mini bars, a sauna or hot tub and whirlpool baths.

The single-storey building, which measures less than 2,000 square feet, is described to be a “brick construction with concrete floor and corrugated roof benefiting from translucent roof panels.” The premises had been granted D1 use for non-residential purposes including clinics, schools, museums, libraries and churches.

The brothel first came to public consciousness when it was raided in February last year. Before the raiding team swooped in, two undercover agents made surveillance and found more than a dozen women, rails of high-heeled shoes for the girls to wear and evidence of sexual activity.

“There were a number of girls in underwear, in fishnet stockings and high heels,” Birmingham Crown Court Prosecutor James Curtis revealed. “Some approached the officers and they were offered full services,” he added. Porn videos were also played on TV screens, Birmingham Mail reported.

Authorities said the brothel ran on a “major commercial scale” and had a “conveyor belt” of prostitutes which allowed it to net £7.5 million ($9.61 million) in just five years. Six people were charged for its operation headed by owner Achilleos Neophytou, 66, and his son Stefanos, 25.

After the raid, calls were made to legalize the operation of massage parlors, but there are concerns this might worsen human trafficking. Prostitution is legal in Britain, but its related activities are not, including soliciting in a public place, owning or managing a brothel, pimping and pandering.

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