‘Borderlands 3’ Release Date, Update: ‘Tales of the Borderlands’ Leads Tailor-Made for Threequel

(Photo: Telltale Games)Rhys and Fiona from “Tales from the Borderlands.”

Not much is known about “Borderlands 3,” but new details have emerged with regard to the characters to expect in the next major installment of Gearbox Software’s action role-playing first-person shooter series.

Rhys and Fiona from the spinoff “Tales from the Borderlands” by Telltale Games could end up being in the game if Gearbox chooses to bring them in.

Producer Adam Sarasohn stated in the latest chapter of the Campo Santo Quarterly¬†oral history series that the characters are all set to be reused in “Borderlands 3” or any major title in the franchise. He explained:

The hope was, with Fiona, with Rhys, we wanted to essentially hand back to Gearbox fully-fleshed out, heroic characters that they could then use in Borderlands 3 and beyond.

However, the fate of the characters will be up to Gearbox in the end. The game is currently being worked on although details remain scarce with regards to the plot and the characters.

Should the studio decided to have Finn and Rhys back in action, it will be no trouble for Telltale for sure. For now, only time will tell.

Anthony Burch, who wrote “Borderlands 2” and “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel,” hopes that the two “show up in some way” in the third major iteration of the open-world hit.

With regard to another “Tales of the Borderlands” offering, writer Nick Herman said that the sales performance of the first game is not enough to warrant another despite its critical acclaim.

As for “Borderlands 3,” Gearbox remains mum about the game at this time. Instead, it unveiled a brand new shooter titled “Project 1v1,” albeit without causing too much of a fuss.

Gearbox’s latest offering, detailed in a dedicated new website, is like the “Borderlands” series due to its first-person shooter nature except that it includes elements of a “metagame strategy of a collectible card game.” The developer is looking to test the game this summer with a closed beta test.

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