‘Black Clover’ Episode 3 Spoilers: Asta and Yuno to Take First Step Toward Becoming the Wizard King

Black Clover Official SiteKey visual art for the Japanese fantasy anime series, “Black Clover,” based on the manga series created by Yuuki Tabata.

Now that both Asta and Yuno have received their grimoires and have reaffirmed the promise they have made 10 years ago, it is time to take the first step towards their dream of becoming the next Wizard King on the Japanese action-fantasy anime series, “Black Clover.”

The previous episode did not only show the conclusion of last week’s battle between Asta and Revchi of Chain Magic, but it has also managed to bring to light the motivation behind Asta and Yuno’s dream of becoming a Wizard King.

Asta hoped to bring happiness and prosperity to the church while also being able to protect everyone he holds dear, which, soon enough, also became Yuno’s motivation. Even at the young age of 5, they have already dubbed one another as each other’s rival, but this will apparently not stop them from having each other’s back.

But how long can a rivalry last without tainting the very core of Asta and Yuno’s friendship?

Even though Yuno acknowledges that it was Asta who inspired him to dream big, he also seems to be the kind of guy determined enough to reach his goals no matter what. Asta also seems to be just as persistent.

Who will eventually become the Wizard King, and how will the path leading there affect Asta and Yuno as childhood friends and rival mages?

The answer may soon become apparent as the two of them make their way to the capital to become Magic Knights. The preview for the next episode, aptly titled “To the Royal Capital of the Clover Kingdom,” shows Asta and Yuno going off together on a journey towards their mutual dreams. This will also take them away from the place they have called home for the past 15 years.

“Black Clover” airs on Tuesdays at 6:25 p.m. JST on TV Tokyo and on Fridays at late night 12:58 a.m. JST on BS11. Episodes will also be available in selected regions outside Japan via Crunchyroll.

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