Andy Cohen Chimes in on Feud Between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall

REUTERS/Neil HallEnglish-Canadian actress Kim Cattrall attends the Evening Standard Theatre awards in London November 30, 2014.

American talk show and radio host Andy Cohen recently voiced out his personal opinions on the ongoing feud between former “Sex and the City” co-stars Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker. 

Last Monday, Feb. 11, Cohen talked about the issue at the SiriusXM radio segment “Radio Andy,” wherein Cohen admitted that he does not understand why Cattrall is very angry at Parker. It was very apparent that Cohen sides with Parker regarding the issue, and does not see any good reason for Cattrall to send a very public message criticizing Parker in the first place. 

The particular issue that Cohen was referring to involves the hostile social media messages that Cattrall sent directly to Parker on Instagram, wherein the former accused the latter of seizing the opportunity to appear as a “nice girl” after Parker sent her condolences to Cattrall and her family following the sudden passing of Christopher Cattrall — Kim’s younger brother.

Cattrall stated in her post that “Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now” — which is a bitter public reminder that Cattrall, at the very least, never really considered Parker a friend, even though they worked together for a very long time as regular cast members of “Sex and the City.” 

During Cohen’s radio show, he stated that initially, he did not believe the reports at first that Cattrall is indeed angry at Parker, especially since she is still in the painful stage of grief. However, he then found out that the rumors are true, and stated that there is no “catfight” and that the feud is completely one-sided, being that Cattrall is the only person who appears to be angry in this situation.  

Furthermore, Cohen recalls the last time that Parker was a guest on his radio show, and stated that Parker had nothing bad to say about her former co-star.

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